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Who We Are

KMTEQ is a leading innovation company focused on designing and developing software solutions and providing technology solutions to complex business problems and challenges.

We as an offshore software development company come handy with an entire suite of IT services including offshore captive center capability. With our decade –long experience in cutting edge technologies, we strive to deliver excellence and customer satisfaction.

We help businesses take some work off their shoulders and enable them to focus on their mission-critical tasks by offering the right IT solutions that they require the most.

Get the luxury of focusing on your business strategies while we are at your side taking care of your IT needs; both simple and complex!

Our Mission

“Drive Customer Satisfaction through delivering Quality IT solutions, demonstrating highest work standards, nurturing shared values and showcasing business ethics in all business transactions that we undertake for our clients”

Our Vision

“We envisage becoming the most sought-after offshore software development company globally by leveraging cutting edge technologies and putting it to our clients’ best use”

About our Team


Our team is brim with positive vibes, drive, and a lot of energy. We are proud to flaunt our tech-millennials who are our backbone and the reason behind all our testimonials and success stories. And they are our left-brained creative assets with whose back we put our best foot forward.

Our development solutions are led by our team and are delivered by following best industry
practices along with technical expertise and high business acumen to drive the digital

They carry a learning attitude and are quick enough to enhance their skill sets to suit the market trend. In many instances, they have become a seamless extension of our client’s business through their consultative approach and customer-centricity.

Today KMTEQ is an accomplished offshore software development center in India, due to the shared values and vision we carry as a team.

Trust, Value, Innovation, Partnership, and Customer Satisfaction are the values that drive our adrenalin rush.

Company's Leaders

Richard Blackwood

company's founder

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Maria Swift

art director

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Donad Firestone

media director

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Clients Love Our Company!

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John Doe
regular client
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Richard White
regular client
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Anna Black
regular client


We leverage our rich expertise and talented tech resource pool to deliver the top-notch IT solutions. Be it your Greenfield or Brownfield project we deliver the best solutions with quality as a constant.

One-Stop solution

We offer end-to-end IT solutions including staff augmentation
services for all your on-demand resource requirements to keep
your business functioning without hiccups.


Maximum value with minimal supervision delivered at the right
time is what you can expect with us as your trusted Technology


You are the central focus of all our business actions.
Customer satisfaction is the top metric in our

Well Established protocols

Everything works on the established protocols and there are
nil chances of deviations. Sig Sigma is well established in

We work to make it happen, and love being a part of your success stories!

Our Services

Custom Software Development

Mobile Application Development

IT Consulting


Full-Stack Software Development

SaaS Application Development

Product Engineering



Digital business transformation

Staff Augmentation services

How We Work

Reach us, we are just one email away

Let us understand your ideas, requirements, or challenges through a consultative approach. We are here to listen to you!

We begin our partnership

Once we decide what best works for you, we prescribe and begin our innovation journey to start preparing you for the best. We are glad to be a part of you now.

We visualize and understand your objective

Now it's our turn to know you better and perceive your business needs before jumping to action. We assess the right IT solution through a lot of brainstorming sessions with our team.

We implement solutions as promised

This is where we dig deep and start working on developing software solutions that meet your requirements and standards.

Lay a project plan

We start mapping out the project roadmap, keeping you in the loop, and developing a project management process that will help us work better in coordination.

Delivery within the allotted time frame

We strongly believe that solutions are ineffective if they aren’t delivered at the right time. Hence we focus on rolling it out according to the agreed Service Level Agreements.

Our Values

Highly specialised professionals

We have experts with hands-on experience in the latest technologies and services with deep understanding of client’s requirements. With their expertise in every domain, they understand your business needs and come up with solutions that best fit you.

Value driven solutions

We aim to deliver solutions that take you closer to your business goal. With unique requirements that come our way, we understand, analyze and come up with strategies that meet your business ethics and standards.

Minimized risks

We follow proven development methodologies that meet business needs within the required timeframe. We also provide offshore software development services for clients across the globe, keeping them on the loop throughout the project, in order to ensure work is done in accordance with their requirements and quality.

Reduced cost / Economical service

We value the need of our clients to opt for an offshore development center to take up projects that matter to their business. We strive to provide value added solutions at a feasible price according to industry standards.

Time zone advantages

Time zone difference is something you need not worry about. We always work under shifts that meet our client’s timezone to make ourselves available incase of any requirements / meetings.

Expected results

Working with an offshore software development company can keep you having second thoughts on the results to be delivered. KMTEQ focuses on handing over softwares / services that meet client’s expectations as we aim to understand the requirements and standards clearly from the very beginning.

Faster project completion

KMTEQ being an offshore development center based in India, has a time zone advantage when compared to US or Europe since we provide 24/7 customer support throughout the project phase. This inturn helps us serve our clients better and deliver the product at a faster rate.

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