The Model Advantage

The Model-Based approach enables business experts and developers to contribute to the testing procedure. This approach doesn’t entail any burdens of maintenance that compromise test initiatives.

With the model-based approach, you can scan the application and its API to create a business-readable format for your automation model.

This results in

  • Lesser Time to market
  • Low risks
  • Increased Testing speeds
  • Fewer discrepancies
  • Low maintenance costs

Thereby, benefitting your business from various aspects.


What do we offer you?

At KMTEQ you have clients around the world who trust our testing processes. We use two testing methods that are suitable for your business. We choose the method based on your requirements so that it’s a tailored fit.

Selenium Testing

A robust browser-based regression automation suite. Helps you run tests, scale efficiently and distribute your scripts across various environments.

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Tosca Testing

Enterprise and an agile testing tool. It is combined to create tests and update modules where changes will be propagated.

Find out about Tosca Testing

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