The Model Advantage

The Model-Based Automation Testing Service enables business experts and developers to contribute to the testing procedure. This approach doesn’t entail any burdens of maintenance that compromise test initiatives.

With the model-based approach, you can scan the application and its API to create a business-readable format for your automation model.

This results in

  • Lesser Time to market
  • Low risks
  • Increased Testing speeds
  • Fewer discrepancies
  • Low maintenance costs

Thereby, benefitting your business from various aspects.

Features of Model-Based Testing

Maximization of reusage 

Construct a module once and use the same across multiple test cases. This results in mimicking end-to-end user transactions. 


Dynamic Object Identification 

Customize and Adapt identifiers hence each object is identified during test execution. This ensures high flexibility and reliability. 


Reusable libraries and Test step blocks 

Smart Libraries can be built with common workflows, test cases, and modules that can be reused many times. 


Simple and Easy Verification 

The saved variables can help in easy validation of the expected application behavior.  


What do we offer you?

At KMTEQ you have clients around the world who trust our testing processes. We use two testing methods that are suitable for your business. The Model-based Test is classified into two different types of testing to suit specific business requirements. 

Selenium Testing

A robust browser-based regression automation suite. Helps you run tests, scale efficiently and distribute your scripts across various environments.

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Tosca Test Automation Services

An Enterprise and an Agile testing tool. Tosca Automation Services is designed to create tests and update modules where changes will be propagated.

Find out about Tosca Testing

Wave goodbye to the days of tedious manual work. It’s time to upgrade to complete automation that saves time and effort while improving productivity. This could be a cue card for your business to shift to a Model-based automation testing service.

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