"Get an expert talent pool with lower business expenses and save time."

What if you could hire the classic talents of the world and pool them into your business? 

This is exactly what an Offshore Development Company offers! The entire process might sound tedious but KMTEQ is here to ease your setup of an Offshore Development Center in India. 


Companies now ramp up their development on par with advanced technologies, launch quicker applications and reduce release cycle duration. However, successfully implementing such tasks in-house will lead to increased time and effort consumption. Hence, the ODC will act as a company’s extended team and infrastructure with expert support and services. 

How does your company benefit from the Offshore Development Center?

The following are the benefits of hiring Offshore Development Services.

  • Reduced Cost & Increased ROI 

ODC will extensively help in lowering direct and indirect expenses such as recruitment, compensation, infrastructure, etc. 


  • Expert talent pool 

With KMTEQ’s ODC you can easily upgrade your tech team with an exact skill set. Additionally, companies select from a wide range of technologies thereby allowing them to onboard and roll out applications quicker. 


  • Transparency & Authority 

ODC lets you have complete control over the project development run, and offshore workforce thereby letting you manage it more dynamically. Boost your operational efficiency and productivity. 


  • Fast Turn around duration 

We take complete accountability for completing the project on time with results that exceed your imagination. We also ensure to include you in the entire process right from the development to the deployment phase. 


  • Support Services 

Providing the right support at the right time is the focal point of our ethos. KMTEQ offers extensive support services throughout the project unbound by time and time zones. 


  • Ensuring Real solutions 

We are committed to the service and stay highly competitive in delivering the requested service. We focus on accelerating functional value and achieving long-term business goals that keeps you stable in the market. 

Discover Our Value Proposition

Discover Our Value Proposition

KMTEQ’s ODC Offerings

KMTEQ’s ODC Offerings

Know The Process

Approach of our Software Development Center

Our ODC Engagement Models

Our ODC Engagement Models

Monthly Based 

  • Offshore staff can be hired upto 160 hours a month 
  • The monthly billing cycle released 
  • Team management in your own methodologies 
  • Get real-time project updates 


Hourly Based 

  • Pay based on hours of work 
  • Revoke or add hours according to work 
  • Communication via own preferred channels 
  • Real-time updates through timesheet 


Fixed-Cost Project

  • Decide project cost before hiring developers 
  • Extend existing team to reduce time to market 
  • Change scope at nominal fee 
  • Recruit developers on long-term basis 

Ready to launch your next mission? We are ready too! 

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