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IT Consulting and Services

When you hire our state-of-the-art IT consulting and services, you hire experience, knowledge, and a portfolio of services at your fingertips to leverage Information Technology in your business environment. Our IT network consulting services is equipped with providing solutions in the field of Cloud services, Disaster management, Network operations, Cyber security, and compliance and Managed IT consulting solutions. 

Our aim is to help your organization with all its business needs while reducing risk and the overall cost of your project and project management. This is why we stand as the first choice for IT consultancy services in India.

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Your value gain by outsourcing offshore IT consulting to KMTEQ

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Quality of service

Quality is a word that is cliched, but here at KMTEQ, we strive for it. We have committed professionals who have copious amounts of global experience and are highly competent in their field.

The key focus of our global IT consulting services is to achieve complete customer satisfaction by adopting a holistic approach. We work hand in hand with our clients to offer sustainable and profitable solutions. Our portfolio affirms our dedication to providing quality service to each of our clients.

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At KMTEQ we have a steadfast team working 24 x 7 to provide the necessary support to your business. The client’s main focus is to serve their customers and we will work tirelessly in the background to ensure minimum downtime and maximum efficiency.
When you choose us you gain a diligent and competent support system at reasonable rates. Our rapid response and application fix strategy helps maintain 100 percent uptime. You are our priority and we ensure that you are offered the best support.

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Cost-effective solution

We help you achieve your business goals by providing high level software consulting that reduce costs of operations, increase revenues, and retain the financial resources to continually grow and expand your business.
Our offshore IT consulting company strives to offer unique differentiators such as a highly competent workforce, cutting-edge technologies, customer-centricity, multitalented pool, and low-cost IT services that helps your business stay cost-efficient, productive, and profitable in the long-term.

Our IT network consulting services

Cloud Services

In today’s day and age when everything runs on the internet having a cloud service comes in extremely handy. We offer cloud services in Software, Platform, and Infrastructure domains. This takes care of all your cloud needs in a cost-efficient way and allows your business to innovate without the burden of the cost for expensive software, network infrastructure, and frameworks.

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Network services & operations

You can rely on our IT network consulting services to monitor, manage, and respond to alerts on your network's availability and performance. Our network operators provide 24x7 supervision, monitoring, and management of the network, databases, servers, and other external services.

Cybersecurity and compliance

As the severity and frequency of cyber attacks are on a rise these days, the need of the hour is to enforce cyber security solutions by establishing more stringent compliance requirements. This is where our managed IT services come into play as we help you stay ahead by creating a security-first approach to cyber security which offers you the support needed for you to anticipate and be well prepared for the changing compliance requirements.

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Managed IT consulting solutions

Having an IT infrastructure running smoothly is challenging for most enterprises. It’s difficult to attract and retain skilled personnel. The onslaught of day to day issues and maintenance tasks makes it hard for IT teams to focus on business objectives, strategic solutions that add business value.
Using KMTEQ’s software engineers to handle the routine care and maintenance of your IT systems, frees your IT teams to employ their technical and business insight to strategic projects. Our team of specialists can handle your IT’s daily routine 24×7, while supervising and addressing problems, offering support to end-users, and applying system patches and upgrades.

Technology Consulting

Technology advancements never stop, it’s the nature of the beast. So, having an innovation consultant on your side is indispensable to not only help you choose a strategy that fits but also to divulge the right technology for your most critical business challenges-regardless of the industry.
We specialize in the latest technologies.

Artificial Intelligence

AI has moved beyond simple automation. It is now changing the scope of how most industries work and understanding human-machine interaction will be crucial for businesses to stay relevant.

The world of automation has been upgraded to better and more versatile technology. AI or Artificial intelligence has taken a huge stance in the development of technology which has given way to achieve goals and objectives and help discover new possibilities. Everything right from cars, mobile phones, software technologies, healthcare, and so on, artificial intelligence has played a major role in being better than human resources and automation technologies.

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The Internet of Things is making the fabric of the world around us and in turn, your business smarter and more responsive, merging the digital and physical universes. It helps provide a level of digital intelligence to devices and thus enabling real-time data communication without the need for human resource.

Our whole life is being run on a wide range of internet services. Right from how we drive to how we launch a rocket, the internet has changed the way how the whole world has been. The future has been nothing but significant. These technologies have helped make life simpler by improving the means of communication like internet calling, emails, banking, database management in various devices.


Blockchain will provide an enhanced set of privacy options that will help improve security and make everything from supply chains to digital identity management smarter and more secure.

Data encryption and management have been the key tool in data management to protect your data against hackers and malware. Blockchain technology has seen amazing improvements so that no data can either be hacked or traced. High-end calculations that are impossible for the human mind to solve are being performed to maximize the security of databases around the world. Blockchain technology maximizes the data security of all important documents like Bitcoin and any important files to prevent data breach and leakage.

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Digital Transformation

Businesses that invest in digital transformation services will lead the marketplace creating new revenue opportunities while their competition falls behind. KMTEQ’s Digital Transformation Services can help you transform outdated business processes so you can focus on your core and provide value through innovation.

We can customize the technologies to your needs and offer the services that are tailor-made for your company. Our technology consulting services help you guide your renovation with the latest technology, design thinking, and agility, while also boosting your legacy systems—at a rate that’s right for your business.

Our IT consulting and services methodologies

When you are outsourcing our Managed IT consulting solutions, we want to make sure you are equipped with all the right tools to achieve your business objectives. At KMTEQ we employ tried and tested methodologies to optimize the business processes and design like the Lean Six Sigma, which is a fact-based, data-driven philosophy of improvement that values defect prevention over defect detection. It drives customer satisfaction and end results by minimizing inconsistency, waste, and cycle.

To keep pace with the ever-growing needs of the IT industry we employ the Rapid Application Development methodology which prioritizes speed and agility so that our offshore IT consulting teams can increase their productivity and improve project outcomes and deliver applications in a short span of time. With this we would reduce risks in the project, improve quality and thus helping you achieve digital business transformation and be future-ready!

Apart from these our global IT consulting services are also open to customizing the best consulting methodology in accordance to your company’s business requirements. If you are looking for IT consultancy services in India, KMTEQ can be your potential partner to unlock innovative solutions and drive business values for your organization.

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