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Java Software Development

In today’s day and age, there is a dire need for businesses to grow beyond just the basic code requirements. As one’s business flourishes, the software that supports it needs to be able to adapt along with it. For this, there is a need for a solid foundation that pursues the best design principles and best practices. Java software development is one of the most in-demand services for businesses to keep up with technology trends.

Outsource your Java development to our team in India that creates scalable, modular, extensible, and high-quality products. Our team’s deft development skills will have a positive effect on your business’s bottom line.

Java Software development services
Java Development

KMTEQ is an offshore Java development company in India with a remarkable track record of fineness and quality that revolutionizes ideas into real-world software applications using cutting-edge Java technologies. We can help you develop custom applications to ensure you meet your business objectives.

Java is an application improvement and deployment system within a cross-platform runtime environment. Java is used in many computing platforms, from transportable and embedded devices to mobile phones, business enterprise servers, and mainframes Java has emerged as the most popular and in-demand language for developing enterprise solutions globally.

Technologies we leverage

We use Java because of its high-performance capabilities, very secure, humble and a great community of powerful IDEs as well as a huge number of flexible frameworks and libraries. We mostly are interested in these stacks because it gives us powerful tools and opportunities to accomplish our main goal – exceeding customer expectations.

Application Servers

  • Tomcat
  • JBoss
  • Ketty
  • Glassfish

Web Frameworks

  • Spring
  • JSF
  • GWT
  • Glassfish


  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Google Cloud
  • Digital Ocean


  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Google Cloud
  • Digital Ocean

Build Tools

  • Maven
  • Ant
  • Gradle
  • Jenkins

Offshore Java Development Services with KMTEQ

Java End-to-End Software Development

Our experts will help you develop and implement custom software solutions tailored to your business needs. They focus on automating your existing workflows thus facilitating data management.

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java mobile development service

Java Mobile Development Services

Java is the technology of desire for building applications for the use of managed code that could execute on cell devices. Android is an open-source software platform and Linux-primarily based operating device for cellular devices. The Android platform allows builders to write managed code using Java to control and manipulate the Android device. Android applications may be advanced by using the Java programming language and the Android SDK. Nearly every modern-day commercial enterprise has an application to be had on iOS/Android

Java Web Application Development Service

Java is the programming language that is essentially used both for building complex web applications and for software platforms. It is extensively used by development companies to build secure, robust and scalable web applications. Our Java software development services provide a full cycle starting from design to implementation and maintenance. The expertise of our Java software development company is all-inclusive – we know the ins and outs of your application across all browsers and platforms, along with the secure backend code.

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java server

Java Server-Side Software Development Services

Having a backend that is synchronized and tested with all its functionality fully intact so that it can handle heavy traffic without succumbing to it is of utmost importance for a good web application. With KMTEQ’s experience in server-side development and testing, we can assure hassle-free launch of your web application with our Java Software Development Services.

Custom Java and Web Services

Our certified and trained Java team is excited to create custom codes and they creatively construct every element of the website/application to cater to your exclusive business interest. We have extensive experience of developing Web Services like Restful, SOAP, XML and WSDL using development tools like NetBeans and Eclipse.

custom java and web services
java Saas

Java SaaS Development Services

SaaS is popular among businesses as it ensures a major reduction in costs, amplifies productivity, and evades paying heavily for new IT infrastructures. Our highly trained professionals who are experts in custom Java application development will guide your business and meet all it’s demand while making sure it doesn’t overshoot your budget.

Java PaaS Development Services

Outsourcing your platform to KMTEQ’s Java experts is an efficient way to save on development costs while making sure you receive high-quality service. Giving access to your application programming interface to a Java software development company like ours will ensure market success.

Java paas

The solutions we develop using Java

We have extensive expertise in complying with major software regulation standards like HIPAA, PCI/DSS, GDPR, OWASP, ISO:9001.

Health & Wellness

EHR/EMR, patient portals, sports and fitness applications etc.

E-commerce & Digital Marketing

Supply chain and inventory management software, chatbots, etc.

E-learning & Learning

Educational platforms and online courses, school management software, etc.

Media & Entertainment

Video/audio streaming platforms, digital asset management systems, social networks, etc.

Banking & Finance

Payroll management software, insurance software, stock exchange systems, etc.

Business Intelligence & Data Integration

Behaviour tracking & engagement analytics software, data mining software, etc.

How we apply Java

Our focus on Java application development services is about aiming to achieve the best possible outcome in all varieties of industries and technology domains. Whether it is business process automation or any platform, KMTEQ assures that we would apply our skills to make your projects and business successful with best solutions

  • Business intelligence & Automation
  • Android Development
  • Web Application Development
  • Blockchain
  • Big Data
  • Native Desktop Applications
java software development services

Value Gain by choosing KMTEQ

Working with a dedicated team from KMTEQ is the perfect option for a number of mid- to long-term projects that require advanced expertise and full control over the process. Here’s why you should outsource your Java development to our team in India


Hiring developers from India can reduce your costs by 50% while holding high-quality code and communication ethics

Flexible and open management

We don’t have any restrictions in terms of what development tools you use.

Full authority and control

You have full control over our dedicated resources and can rely on us in the situations where assistance is required at the same time. A large team of experienced and qualified junior, middle and senior Java developers in our organisation.

Flexible and feasible working hours

No matter where your location is, we can adjust our working hours to match your schedule and ensure effective collaboration and coordination.

In-depth technical skills

We guarantee that our team knows how to acquire your dreams and resolve the most complex technical challenges faced in your organisation.

Simple and efficient process

Well-established software lifecycle model, DevOps, continuous delivery, project management and communication

Full responsibility and accountability in recruitment

We staff your team by engineers from our talent pool

Advantages of outsourcing Java application development

KMTEQ being an offshore java software development company stands as the first choice for customers looking to outsource Java software development in India.
Java offers innumerable benefits as listed below.


The Java architecture is designed in consideration of increased safety requirements. As a result, Java has a wide variety of embedded answers and their configuration settings.


Java reduces the expenditure of resources on developing horizontally and vertically scalable systems.


Java source code is compiled into bytecode that is executed in the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). There are JVM implementations for a number of hardware structures and working systems, imparting Java portability.

Most widely used

Java goes into the pinnacle of the most famous programming systems, meaning that there are no difficulties with the improvement and in addition challenge support.

A large number of trusted libraries

Due to the extensive community of Java developers, useful open-source code services (like Apache Spring) and tried and tested libraries are regularly published that can be used within almost any project.




KMTEQ provides one of the top-quality Software Development Services in India.  Meet your exact business requirements with customized support and services.


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