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Mobile Application Development

Looking to build a cutting-edge mobile app for your business? KMTEQ offers full-cycle, top-notch mobile app development services with integration to applied data science & machine learning for start-ups, SMEs & Enterprises. Share your idea and get your dream app handcrafted with custom mobile experiences and mobile solutions.

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outsource mobile app development
outsource mobile app development

Why choose Mobile apps

There are more mobile devices in the world than computers and televisions put together, so giving the perfect mobile experience and having a mobile presence makes sense. Mobile applications are the best customer engagement tools this digital marketing era can witness. And India has been an alluring destination for outsourcing mobile app development services due to the availability of quality tech talent pools.

Good mobile applications can be rewarding for businesses, the benefits of which include:

  • A Constant reminder of the business
  • Simplified communication platform
  • Increased brand recognition & visibility
  • The Gain of customer confidence & loyalty
  • Customer engagement and retention
  • Insights on customer behavior
  • Increases revenue & margin

Why consider outsourcing mobile app development to us

We are one of the top mobile application development companies in India providing business-driven solutions and are committed to building custom made, user-friendly mobile apps regardless of the complexity involved. We craft your app by paying attention to details of every process from color psychology, application workflow, intuitive navigation, icons, device orientation, and so on keeping in mind your target audience. So, you can be sure to hit the bullseye with our services.

With our experience in  mobile apps development services from scratch for different industries with unique requirements, we develop applications with the best technologies backed with innovative solutions. Create a mobile application which are,

  • Simple & responsive designs
  • Scalable UI elements
  • Progressive enhancements with a Mobile-first design approach
  • Incredible user experience
  • Enhanced security features and compliance with GDPR standards
  • Evolution management and context-specific periodic updates
  • Application of data science & machine learning
  • Quick launch time
mobile app development services

KMTEQ’s mobile app development outsourcing services


Native mobile app


Cross-platform mobile apps development


Mobile app front-end

Native apps development

We are among the very few mobile app development companies where the developers are experts in developing the most advanced mobile apps that seamlessly function on any platform and in complete unity with the device and its features by leveraging the power of languages and frameworks of the OS and their software development Kits (SDKs).

  • These apps have the best performance
  • They have better data security
  • These apps are more interactive and intuitive
  • Comparatively priced higher than cross platform apps

android app development company
ios apps development

Cross-platform mobile apps development

To be more popular is to be more accessible. Whether you are a start-up company venturing into the first version of your mobile app or an established enterprise wanting to transition your business software into a mobile app, our team can certainly help you with the transition and ensure it works perfectly on all gadgets.

  • Ideal for start-ups requiring a minimum viable product (MVP)
  • A cost-effective transition of enterprise software to the mobile software
  • Substantially lower time-to-market your mobile technology
  • Multiple operating systems wiz. iOS & Android versions within your budget

Mobile app front-end development

Our UX, UI and front-end software engineers can transform your product or business software into an excellent mobile application and enable you to reach wider audiences and scale up operations.

  • More focus on aesthetic sensitivity and programmatic rigorism
  • Efforts towards matching the latest tendencies in application design and novelty of the devices
  • Enablement to elaborate front-end strategy to stay ahead in the competition

iphone apps development

Our Project management methodologies

When you are outsourcing software development services, it is important to drive the product development and delivery lifecycle in the right way towards your goals. Outsourcing software development to India is always a good choice since we have flexible outsourcing policies and workflow methodologies.Based on your company’s direction and requirements, we can deliver the projects in any of the following well known methodologies

All our projects are managed through well established processes giving the confidence of quality on time delivery and iterative feedback on minimum viable products to full blown enterprise applications.


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Technologies we leverage

Our expert team is adept in the frameworks, libraries, and SDKs that are required for android app development and ios app development with a powerful backend and an aesthetic frontend to provide your dream mobile app with a reliable server-side architecture and a smooth interface.


Native mobile app

IOS -Swift, Objective-C,
Android -Java, Kotlin, Android Studio


Cross platform mobile apps development

Flutter, React Native, JavaScript, HTML5, Xamarin



Firebase, Redis, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, DynamoDB, Oracle


Designing tools

Illustrator, Adobe XD, Photoshop, AfterEffects, Sketch, Figma

mobile app development company

Key benefits of our mobile app development solution

  • Cost-effectiveness and quality-driven approach
  • Best technology professionals onboard
  • Enhanced business value
  • Complete Transparency
  • IP Protection
  • Post-launch support & maintenance
  • Application of data science & machine learning
  • Quick launch time

All of these have made us a sought-after mobile app development company in India.
We are always here for you as your reliable outsourcing partner for mobile app development.

How your App ideas transform to reality

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