Offshore captive center

Drive business productivity and gain competitive advantage with our offshore captive center capabilities

Offshore Captive Center

KMTEQ aims to deliver client-centric captive business model that work best for your business and the way you want it to be operated.

We offer services that can pull off any niche business requirement, bringing in value to your organization.

Stay ahead of competition by delivering quality service to your customers. Leverage our strength as a captive development center that offers services across multiple technologies, helping you get closer to your goals.

KMTEQ is one of the most accomplished captive centers in India for offering profitable services with maximized returns.

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The KMTEQ difference

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Complete control

You will have complete control on business processes.

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Reduced dependency

Reduced dependency on third party vendors

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Cost effective

Gain access to highly talented resources at low costs and maximize your return on investment.

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Asset control

Total control over assets with our captive model.

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Scalable Models

Industry leading solutions using scalable captive offshore models

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Best practices

We follow best practice recruitment processes, to bring in the right talent for your business.

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Quality assistance

Quality assistance in supervising, reporting and managing your offshore captive center

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Transparent costing model to give you full control on your expenditure and build strong vendor relationship.

As an offshore development center, we aim to collaborate with businesses looking to grow and expand their potential. We ensure our clients have complete control on their managed captive, making them feel like home. We follow a step by step approach in delivering your requirements and working towards achieving the same objective.

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Let’s get to know each other

Our experts will work with you closely and understand your business requirements. We then come up with a potential roadmap for your objective and turn every opportunity into a business value.

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Get started with your new office

Looking for a trusted offshore vendors? We aim to bring in the same values of your existing captive operations, following the same culture, work ethics, ambience and environment. With our talented resource, we deliver nothing but quality service, with transparency maintained.

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Implementation and support

With our offshore outsourcing you will be in full control of the captive development center, from performance check to finances. We ensure that your managed captive aligns with the parent organization in terms of business value and operation. We focus on transferring ownership only with our client’s satisfaction in achieving the business objective.

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