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Product Engineering Services

The highly skilled workforce at KMTEQ offer engineering solutions to deliver software products equipped with high-end technologies and architectures. Businesses need exceptional software product engineering and solutions to deliver innovative software products. Listed below are some of the vital challenges we overcome that most organizations face

  • Constantly invent and innovate to dispatch fresh ideas and products
  • Engineering aptitude to convey technological solution
  • Continuous product maintenance for cost reduction
  • Product portfolio conservation
  • Lack of resources to improve product capabilities through product optimization to meet market demands
  • Localization and customization of items to deliver products in different topographical areas
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We at KMTEQ are a product engineering services company in India offering end-to-end product development for Consumer Products, Medical Devices and Soft Goods. The process is accelerated with our thorough knowledge in high technology products, IoT, Smart Devices, and Wearables.

At KMTEQ we spend a significant amount of time with our clients to help them convert their innovative ideas to real time unique products. We have a full group of specialists, modern planners, mechanical and hardware architects, programming and APP designers, model specialists, and assembling engineers.

Our software product engineering consulting team comprises of highly experienced and creative workforce. Our product engineering services team will walk with you every step of the way up until the product of your vision is delivered. To achieve the overall objective of competitive advancement and innovation, our software professionals deliver best practices, innovations and frameworks with sustained business value, ensuring operational superiority in software product engineering.

Gain End-To-End Product Engineering Services

Product Strategy

Here at KMTEQ we pride ourselves on being different from other product engineering services companies. Our product development services team will work hand in hand with you. This is done right from the inception of the idea to successful deployment of the product. We work closely with our clients; our engineering solutions and products team innovate and then rapidly validate the idea by building proof of concept. Taking advantage of our tremendous experience in product development services, we offer a product transformation framework that ensures you develop the right solution, suited to your business requirement.

Product Design

The product development services we offer expand to product design as well. We have a dedicated product design services team with highly knowledgeable UX/UI designers. Employing a user-centric design approach and a know-how in designing world-class products we have propelled ourselves as one of the leading product engineering services companies in India.

Application Engineering

Our team comprises expert architects and developers who have proven experience in implementing applications across a wide range of device platforms. KMTEQ has developed numerous engineering solutions and products over diverse and complex landscapes. What sets us apart from other product engineering services companies in India is that we have developed native mobile applications on iOS, Android and work across cross-platform such as HTML5, PhoneGap, Titanium Appcelerator among others.

KMTEQ’s engineering solutions and products include Mobile/ Cloud Engineering services. This allows our clients to tackle even the most demanding architecture, implementation and operation requirements for cloud-based applications, products and platforms on public, private and hybrid environments.

Enterprise Integration

With KMTEQ’s product design services, businesses can address the difficulties that come with enterprise integration very easily. KMTEQ simplifies your existing enterprise-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud integration needs but also, furnishes a flexible platform that is highly adaptable to your future business needs. Like most product engineering services companies, we employ technologies like Oracle, Salesforce, SAP along with MS Dynamics, Biztalk Services and MuleSoft for seamless integration.

Product Testing

KMTEQ’s product testing services provide end-to-end testing services on Mobile, Web and Cloud. We boast a repertoire of ingenious testing tools and frameworks which allow our clients to simplify the process and reduce the time required to launch quality products into the market. We ensure round the clock availability of our product testing services to your business.

24/7 Support and Maintenance

KMTEQ’s engineers offer dependable support and maintenance services post product / application dispatch. Our support team will continue to streamline, update, and test customer applications leveraging the most recent technologies.

Here’s How We Can Help You

KMTEQ as a product engineering company, takes pride in offering extremely proficient product engineering consulting that leads to high quality software products. We deliver beyond the conventional services offered by other product engineering services companies

  • Development of functional and non-functional requirements that portray a set of sources of information and yields.
  • Architect, design and display key pieces of the product
  • Prototype, test and recognize likely disappointments which require equipment and programming design.
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Our product engineering company offers and resolutions by integrating new product design services, product development services, product testing services, product re-engineering and enhancement throughout the product lifecycle, and deliver the following advantages to the business:

  • Help cut back on time spent on marketing by offering an efficient product development, testing, and maintenance in a shorter product life cycle.
  • Increase productivity with optimal product quality.
  • Accomplish customer satisfaction by developing customer-centric products.
  • Improved engineering technologies and best practices to develop superior software products.


High performance engineering

Agile product development methodology

Faster time to market

Agile product development methodology

Reusable frameworks and models

Agile product development methodology

Agile product development methodology

Agile product development methodology

Reduced cost for development, migration, testing, maintenance and support by a minimum of 25%

Agile product development methodology

Products delivered support multiple technology platforms, business models, devices and interfaces

Agile product development methodology

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