Robotic Process Automation services

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Robotic process Automation services

KMTEQ applies its expertise in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) services to help clients robotize business operations. We provide RPA software development that can be customized to your liking along with the RPA implementation of the off-the-shelf chatbot tools and customer support services, developed by our in-house R&D department. KMTEQ’s RPA consultants offer augmented operational efficiency, lowered costs, quick business processes and a lower count of full-time employees for tedious tasks, amongst other benefits.Cut costs via autonomous, interruption-free transactions, accelerate BI processes, get high scalability with bots, and ensure fast implementation through reusable components with RPA development services from KMTEQ.

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Advantages of RPA Implementation

Risk and Cost reduction

Using Robotic Process Automation services in your business will help in replacing human workforce with software robotics which perform repetitive, error-prone, and low-value yet critical tasks, thus reducing operating costs, and lowering error rates.

High Capacity and Scalability

In contrast to people, robots can be effectively reconfigured when prerequisites switch and can scale up and down, constrained only by their machine limit.

Operational speed increment

Robotic Process Automation services gives brisk and simple access to information from numerous sources, combines it, and controls informational indexes across complex IT frameworks.

Increase in the quality of work flow

Acting as per pre-built up conditions, robots wipe out human mistakes and lessen the potential for outages and downtime.

Refocusing specially skilled people

RPA takes on mind-desensitizing repeating assignments and opens up specialists to achieve key, imaginative, and increasingly important undertakings.

Back-office tasks streamlining

After a legitimate business or unit-wide opportunity assessment, KMTEQ’s RPA consultants assess the possibility to supplant the objective procedure through computerization, set up its intensive portrayal, expel bottlenecks, and dispense gaps.

Effective control and fraud detection

Robotic Process Automation services give point by point logging of each activity performed and each errand executed, with a time-stamped history of any choice taken inside the framework.

Client experience improvement

Robots dispense with human judgment and smooth out information driven choices and provide customer centric services like,customer support and sales and thus make their working progressively predictable.

We Provide RPA Services for Various Industries

Robotic Process Automation services
  • Patient data processing
  • Claims Underwriting and Processing
  • Medical Coding
  • Medical billing and Processing
  • Patient Payment Consolidation
  • Insights on customer behaviour
  • Student Payment Processing
  • ERP Automation in education – PeopleSoft, Jenzabar, Oracle, Banner
  • Logistics Automation
  • Invoice Generation and Validation
  • ERP Business workflow automation
  • Dynamic Product price comparisons
  • Competitor Pricing Analysis
  • Automated Guest Checking, Room Booking
  • Travel Package Selection and Recommendation
  • Payment Processing
  • Contact Centre Automation
  • Conversational IVR for human like response
  • Compliance
  • Accounts Payable
  • Mortgage processing
  • Credit card & Loan processing
  • Fraud Detection
  • KYC process
  • Report Automation
  • Account Closure Process
  • Procurement & Inventory Management
  • Order Processing and Payments
  • Communication between Suppliers, Manufacturers, Logistics and Customers
  • Product Data and Catalogue Management
  • Product Merchandising
  • Demand & Supply Planning
  • Workforce Scheduling
  • Load, Stress, performance testing of mobile apps
  • Defect Tracking & Management
  • Test suite automation
  • Accelerate period-end processing
  • Update master accounts and legal articles across systems
  • Maintain attributes across systems
  • Generate reports
  • Handle adjustments
  • Tax provisioning
  • Tax liability scenarios

RPA tools we use at KMTEQ

We use a combination of open source tools that are enterprise ready. We also utilize the skills provided by technologies like ML and AI along with RPA tools to create smarter bots that will help you in making informed decisions.

  • UIPath
  • Azure Logic App
  • MS Flow
  • Azure Automation Service
  • Blue Prism
  • Automation Anywhere
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Why Choose KMTEQ?

24/7 Support and Maintenance

At KMTEQ along with RPA implementation, we offer 24/7 dependable support to our clients. We also help you maintain the application long after the delivery of the application. Our RPA consultants work tirelessly to streamline and update customer applications so that they can always stay relevant in the market.


Along with our impeccable RPA services we pride ourselves on the expertise and the diversity of our employees who strive to serve you to the best of their capabilities using the latest technologies.


By ensuring your application's superior quality, KMTEQ ensures its superior value in the market.


At KMTEQ our core values are good customer relationships. Transparency in pricing and workflow will allow the customer to appreciate our work and help deepen their trust in us.

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