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SaaS Application Development

Software as a service is an up and coming prevailing model in the IT Industry which supports businesses by helping them acquire web-hosted software without hefty investment in infrastructure or IT support. These subscription and pay-as-you-go models allow businesses to invest in enterprise applications that would otherwise be out of reach. KMTEQ prides itself on being one of the leading SaaS development companies in India and we specialize in helping your organization create the cloud-based SaaS solutions your clients need, in order to streamline back-end processes and maximize profit.

With our cloud-Based SaaS application development services, you are free to work on your business while we take care of all your software needs. Almost all industries can benefit from using SaaS application development to streamline their operations that will allow employees to focus all their time and energy on innovation. KMTEQ’s team of SaaS application developers, engineers, and business analysts are adept at designing solutions that will resolve your most complicated business problems.

The SaaS business model continues to gain more traction across the globe. Companies of all sizes are now embracing SaaS as the next best alternative to the on-premise hardware and software development.

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SaaS Application Development

Your value gain by outsourcing software development services

Augmenting the best in class technology and team to your outsourcing software development projects is the key to your business success. Having said that, it is important to know what value we bring-in to the team and on the table is something that should help you make the next decisions on your company’s global delivery model.

Why are industries increasingly opting
for SaaS application development services?

Simple customization

Our cloud-based SaaS applications are designed to be easily customizable. Users can configure the applications to suit their needs with little to no support from you, the host.

Highly adaptable

SaaS offers flexible subscription-based licensing which permits users to commit to exactly what they need. There is no wastage of resources as you pay upfront for the features you need. Unlike perpetual-use of licenses or an all-in hardware purchase, an investment in a SaaS development company is low-risk, high reward.

SaaS Application Development services
SaaS development company

Hassle-free integration

SaaS offers flexible subscription-based licensing which permits users to commit to exactly what they need. There is no wastage of resources as you pay upfront for the features you need. Unlike perpetual-use of licenses or an all-in hardware purchase, an investment in a SaaS development company is low-risk, high reward.

Maintenance-free operations

KMTEQ’S IT team is accountable for maintenance, along with performance upgrades and bug fixes. This ensures that the businesses don’t have to worry about keeping the gears turning on their systems, and they can spend their time and energy on the business operations that matter most.

Flexibility and scalability

Traditional applications expect users to buy additional capacity in order to scale, often in large quantities irrespective of how much is really used. But at KMTEQ’s our SaaS application developers create SaaS systems that are designed to be adaptable to our clients’ everyday needs, anticipating and managing data load as it alters. The flexible subscription-based licensing enables SaaS applications to be highly scalable.
SaaS software development enables you to choose the delivery model and easily change it when your business requirement changes. It is much easier to get new users, integrate to other systems and turn on an additional set of components.
You will be able to experiment in a less risky environment by trying on a new project, acquisition or user base. Since our SaaS development company manages the backend with the cloud, you do not have to be concerned about the infrastructure.

SaaS application developers
Cloud applications

Ease of use and Speed factor

The process of selecting and deploying a business application is arduous. Issues such as time and effort stack up, even after the implementation is successful. Cloud applications help in faster deployment of a business application, thus reducing the installation and administration efforts. This will enable a business to have a competitive edge and the capacity to boost their business paybacks. SaaS generates value to its users quickly while offering companies the flexibility that is needed to bring in change when they need it.

Ease of security & compliance

The main advantage to a centrally maintained SaaS software development service is that the host — and not your team will oversee that the software is always secure and compliant. Changing regulations are usually burdensome but in this case the burden is on the SaaS provider to adapt accordingly which allows your employees to focus on more important tasks.

SaaS software development service

Outsourcing Software Development Services

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Cost effectiveness

Our custom software application development services offer you the best cost savings in the industry. You pay the right price for the best team to deliver on your great products. Our optimum pricing model brings to you end to end delivery and support throughout your product lifespan ensuring best in class cost effectiveness for your business

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Even the smallest issue needs a fix to have your software perform its best. With our quick response to every requirement of yours, resolve crucial and minor issues without any delay. We offer support 24*7 under any time zone. This is also another reason why companies prefer outsourcing software development to India.

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Development process

This is your vision and we are here to back you up with our development services that bring your vision to life. From new features to design, you get what you need as expected within agreed time frames. Giving our clients complete ownership during the project life cycle is why our clients believe in outsourcing their software development projects to us.

Why Choose KMTEQ?

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Comprehensive Experience

At KMTEQ we have an adept pool of SaaS application developers with diverse technology stack experience and deep expertise in cloud-based SaaS solutions to serve our unique customer base. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer extensive SaaS application development services.

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Customer-Centric Culture

KMTEQ being a SaaS development company in India, we carefully handpick each employee from a large reserve to fit into our customer-centric culture. We're determined to provide the best quality SaaS application development services (at the best price) to add value for our customers

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Lean Business Model

KMTEQ is a SaaS development company based in India; we employ a lean, global business model to create value for our customers; ensuring optimum utilization of resources. This model helps us offer better savings and higher-quality services than our competitors in the SaaS application development domain.

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Transparent Pricing

We believe that strong business relationships are built on trust and reliability. That's why we offer fair, transparent pricing for all our SaaS software development services. Our priority is to help you make the right business decisions at every step.

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Capacity to Scale

Our rapidly growing SaaS development company is capable of scaling any project. KMTEQ guarantees that your software grows with your business.

Best practices

We follow best practice recruitment processes, to bring in the right talent for your business.

  • You will have complete control on business activities.
  • Reduced dependency on third party vendors.
  • Industry leading solutions using scalable captive offshore models.
  • We follow best practice recruitment processes, to bring in the right talent for your business.
  • Low costs.
  • Total control over assets.
  • Quality assistance in supervising, reporting and managing your offshore captive center.
  • Transparent costing model to give you full control on your expenditure.

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