Get 10x faster-testing process without disrupting business processes with KMTEQ'S Tosca SAP Automation.

SAP Automated Testing Services

Are you being held back by standard SAP testing methods? It’s time to make a change if you’re behind on updates, contemplating a migration to S/4HANA or the cloud, or need hyper care following upgrades. KMTEQ provides modern and AI-driven SAP Automated Testing that accelerates SAP innovation rather than impeding it. This was made possible by Tricentis and SAP’s partnership agreement. KMTEQ is a global certified Tricentis partner and is proficient with TOSCA services.

With KMTEQ’s SAP Automated Testing, customers will benefit from a smoother transition to SAP S/4HANA or the Intelligent Enterprise Suite, as well as quicker implementation and change projects. This ensures that business-critical procedures run smoothly. 

  1. What to test?

Tricentis LiveCompare examines your SAP systems and how they are used in production to become your SAP landscape’s go-to expert. It can pinpoint the risks in any modification to your SAP system using AI-powered change effect analysis, indicating exactly what to test.


2. How it will work?

Tricentis Tosca automates SAP and non-SAP regression testing. Once LiveCompare has determined what needs to be tested, it instructs Tosca on which tests to execute in order to achieve a defect-free release. This speeds up testing by a factor of ten while also ensuring that your business processes will continue to function after the modifications have been put into production.


3. When it will scale?

Tricentis NeoLoad automates performance testing for all SAP applications, on-premises and in the cloud. Any SAP upgrade or S/4HANA migration must include performance testing. It tells you whether updated apps will scale or crash if too many people try to use them at the same time.

What does Tosca SAP Automation bring to your business?

Enterprises can gain the following benefits from Tosca SAP Automation testing services.

  • Enhanced quality:

The quality of delivery can be considerably improved by increasing test coverage and reducing human error.

  • Reduced risk and cost:

By employing robots, less time may be spent on laborious, repetitive jobs, resulting in fewer errors. Individuals can instead concentrate on work that is more valuable.

  • Increased agility and speed:

Businesses can test more quickly with automation. Speed is increased much further by employing a user-friendly, no-code tool. Furthermore, no-code means less upkeep and reliance on developers, resulting in more agile operations.

Importance of Tosca SAP Automation while shifting to SAP S/4HANA 


SAP S/4HANA is the latest version of SAP’s platform for enterprises. As a successor of SAP ERP and SAP R3, it is more easier and agile to use. Moreover, it helps enterprises resolve complex issues and handle more data than the former platforms. 

However, it might be a tedious process to migrate to SAP S/4 HANA and also should deal with problems regarding business-critical processes during the migration.

All you need is a robust test automation platform to support an easy migration process. Tosca  SAP Automation is the solution that your organization needs. Once the S/4HANA migration is completed, the system is tested by the testing team. You can get expert suggestions and help to avoid any current or even future mishaps. 

Our Offerings:

KMTEQ’s Test Automation offering for SAP includes the following:

  1. Test case authoring for automated tests 
  2. Test data services,
  3. Support for all UIs and APIs in SAP products,
  4. As long as SAP Solution Manager is available, Component-Based Test Automation (CBTA) will be supported as well. 
  5. Integration of KMTEQ’s Test Automation for SAP with the existing ALM platforms SAP Solution Manager and SAP Cloud ALM.

API testing, in particular, will become increasingly important in today’s agile cloud infrastructures.

Why choose KMTEQ? 

  • We make the SAP testing process more efficient with our fully automated testing.
  • Get quality automation and implementation support.
  • Assurance of 80% product and regression testing.
  • Almost 50% cost reduction of your testing budget.
  • Save quality time and effort in testing. 
  • We offer AI-Powered Impact Analysis that answers what is needed to test.
  • We provide a Model-Based Test Automation methodology that is faster to scale and eliminates testing delays.

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