KMTEQ provides the necessary tests from the beginning to the end of the migration process with our TOSCA snowflake testing solutions. As a certified TOSCA partner, KMTEQ provides the necessary tests required before, during, and after the snowflake data migration; our solutions automatically detect unexpected changes from your old data to new processes and offers necessary Snowflake storage during migration. Once your Snowflake is up and running, our TOSCA consultants reuse the same tests to identify persistent system changes that affect your processes and data.


Data inconsistency is unavoidable when using Snowflake to store data from several sources, which causes data loss when loaded. Given the importance of lost data, businesses cannot overlook it. Companies use the snowflake testing procedure to avoid data loss and preserve data integrity. Our TOSCA Snowflake Testing solutions assist your organization to close data gaps, improve data accessibility, and provide customers with richer data-driven experiences. If you use the TOSCA tools provided by KMTEQ, these integrations will make it simple for you to gather, assess, and visualize data in the latest Snowflake Cloud Data Platform.

TOSCA Snowflake testing
TOSCA snowflake testing solutions upscale your organization

How KMTEQ’s TOSCA Snowflake Testing solutions upscale your organization?

  • Our TOSCA solutions demonstrate whether a deployment sample has been thoroughly tested and is ready for release. It also directs teams to concentrate limited testing resources on key business risks.
  • KMTEQ’s TOSCA technologies assists in upscaling your company’s data landscape, including insights in any analytics software via UI, API, and PDF, as well as organized, unorganized, and communication data from any origin or technology.
  • Our TOSCA snowflake testing solutions testing tools throughly tests Snowflake’s distinctive features, such as Time Travel, to identify data regression problems right away.
  • We demonstrate the Software before release to test its readiness. We also direct teams to concentrate testing resources on key business risks, to make sure it’s properly tested.
  • Test anything, from the consistency of the various data sources entering your system through integrations, conversions, and migrations, as well as reporting logic and presentation.
  • KMTEQ ensures that frequent application changes don’t unintentionally modify ETL procedures and jeopardize data quality by integrating into CI/CD workflows.

Why should you divulge into TOSCA Snowflake Automation Solutions?

If implemented correctly, test automation can provide organizations a number of advantages, but conventional testing methods have, sadly, produced less-than-ideal results. Here are the reasons to undertake Snowflake automated testing with TOSCA. 


  • Reduce maintenance and support 

The TOSCA approach to testing greatly reduces the support and maintenance efforts that have often contributed to the failure of traditional test automation tools. TOSCA test automation eliminates the need to develop and maintain code to control testing with the application.


  • Reduce your overall QA costs 

Lower QA expenses for your company result from increased test automation rates, decreased maintenance and support costs, and the opportunity to use affordable manual testing resources to create automated tests.


  • Maximize risk-based testing 

By utilizing TOSCA’s risk assessment capabilities, our testing solutions enable your business to discover important and high-risk application components. In order to achieve enough test coverage, our TOSCA testing tool will target high-risk locations and suggest the right amount of test cases.


  • Reduce time to market 

Naturally, test automation will save human work and delivery time, but TOSCA’s high automation rate frequently exceeds industry estimates of 30–40% by a factor of 90% or more.


  • Improve quality and delivery 

TOSCA automation testing raises the standard and regularity of software delivery. With the aid of TOSCA’s automation capabilities and simplicity of integration, our testing solutions are greatly enhanced. 

Benefits of TOSCA Snowflake Testing

  • Unified Data sharing 
  • Availability and security 
  • Concurrency 
  • Performance and speed

Automate your Testing with KMTEQ’s TOSCA Snowflake Automation Solutions

  • Scalable and repeatable, our TOSCA systems capture defects in real time.
  • Create data verification reports for your company to approve the Snowflake migration.
  • Test data migration of thousands of records using an in-memory engine and cluster processing.
  • KMTEQ’s TOSCA Snowflake testing Solutions can guarantee smooth automated testing of the migrated data in the new warehousing platform.
  • Users can save time with our TOSCA toolset by future-proofing their software with automated testing. 
Benefits of TOSCA snowflake testing

Why choose KMTEQ?

  • We are a certified TOSCA partner with an extensive selection of test automation tools and services.
  • A full suite of functional, scalable, and regression testing tools for your Snowflake projects.
  • Create warehouses with varying combinations and sizes for various workloads, giving enterprises greatly improved capacity to scale horizontally or vertically.
  • It enables you to quickly reach your goals by delivering a sophisticated enterprise system with massively scalable functionality.
  • Make tests that take advantage of Snowflake’s unique features to identify data regression problems immediately.