The Problem

As the digital world expands around, you need an approach to test QA. This will give you an insider analysis of how customers

  • Use your product
  • Their experience with the product

This is a time-intensive and detail-oriented process that needs a testing experience to counter all the potential variables. If you’re not adapting to the process there’s a large impact on your results like

  • Delayed delivery of services
  • Increased operating costs
  • Inability to adapt to the needs of your customer.

What does Tosca testing provide your business?

Tosca helps you achieve continuous testing. Tosca testing comes with no-code thereby letting you maintain and create test automation with rapid development changes.

Test Automation Democratized

Anybody can create and manage end-to-end tests without any developer assistance. Don’t waste time on technical requests and use the resources properly.

Bid Adios to False Positives

Tosca testing is intuitive and identifies false positives by managing the test elements that generate them. Never worry about breaking your head trying to figure them out.

Maintain Test-Cases for Free

As your business grows your requirements start changing. During scenarios like that, start updating your model at once. With Tosca, your test cases are automatically synchronized.

Functional Tests

End-to-end regression analysis and testing can help you keep your new user stories and functionality changes in check. Reports are available to track changes and learn about it’s impacts.

And more…

Partner with KMTEQ and harness the benefits Tosca’s testing has to offer you business today.

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